About Michael Lupacchino

Michael Lupacchino has worked in the financial industry for most of his business career. As a natural leader and entrepreneur, Michael has been able to develop a wide range of experiences and talents, giving him the ability to adapt to any role. From serving as an investment adviser to Fortune 500 firms to his time in the residential mortgage industry, Michael has worked at the highest levels in finance. Today, Michael is recognized as a business innovator with his venture Mass Credit, LLC, a company that specializes in vehicle financing for those who may not be able to get traditional bank financing. Michael’s passion for excellence has helped him build a strong and trusted provider of vehicle financing in the New England region.

Financial Career Development

Michael attended Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island. He studied business management, earning a degree in the discipline in 2005. From there, he dove into the financial industry, first landing a role as an accounts manager with Fidelity Investments, a mutual fund and investment management firm with a global reach. After several years managing accounts with Fidelity, he transitioned to the home mortgage field. He was selected for a position at Countrywide Financial in the company’s Full Spectrum Lending division. As an account executive with Countrywide, he learned the skills he would need to be successful in his own business ventures, and this would shape his next moves as an entrepreneur.

Mass Credit, LLC

In 2009, Michael Lupacchino co-founded Mass Credit, LLC, with a trusted business partner. Based on his experiences in the mortgage financing industry, he knew that economic downturns and the housing market crash impacted many people’s ability to be eligible for traditional bank financing. Mass Credit was established as a solution to this problem, providing competitive financing rates for individuals who needed reliable transportation. At Mass Credit, Michael is able to help people restore damaged credit, or to build credit from scratch, while providing great financing rates and the transportation people need to get around. Michael continues to seek new business ventures; his skill in finances and his work ethic will serve him well into the future.

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